War, Escalating Vulnerabilities, and Service Delivery in Ukraine (Photos)

Mother and son congenital cerebral palsy

Myrne. Donetsk region. Mother and son both have congenital cerebral palsy. Their house in the town of Granitne was destroyed during the first shelling, and they now reside in the town of Myrne ("Peaceful"), in the Ukrainian-controlled territory, in a makeshift nursing home (the building was previously a school) for PWD and the elderly. The nursing home is staffed entirely by volunteers. 

Dasha Berdianske, polio

Dasha Berdianske, polio.  

Woman with HIV 

Internally displaced woman with HIV.   

Myrne Nursing home cerebral palsy

Cerebral Palsy, Myrne. 

Stanitsa Luhanska blind        

Stanitsa Luhanska, blind.  

Stanitsa Luhanska nursing home

Stanitsa Luhanska nursing home.  

Tryohisbenka war wounded killed daughter