Celebrating Crime and Punishment at 150

The year 2016 marked 150 years since the first publication of Crime and Punishment. To celebrate the novel’s anniversary Kate Holland and Katherine Bowers co-organized a global outreach program, “Crime and Punishment at 150”.

Reading Mayakovsky in Sao Paulo: Boris Schnaiderman and the Legacy of Russian Studies in Brazil

Cassio de Oliveira describes Boris Schnaiderman’s legacy as a translator and scholar of Russian literature in Brazil.

The Pedagogy of Images: Depicting Communism for Children

Serguei A. Oushakine of Princeton University discusses Soviet children's literature style, including aspects such as the literature content and the graphic images.

Using Tolstoy and Dostoevsky to Teach Ethics in the Twenty-First Century

By Ani Kokobobo, University of Kansas

This article was originally published in the June 2016 edition of NewsNet