Slavic studies

Is There Room for Early Modern Slavic Studies in the US and Canada?

Thirty years ago, the question of whether there is room for early modern Slavic studies would have seemed absurd. The field was booming. Path-breaking studies emerged on a regular basis.

The Screens of Academe

The suggested topic was something along the lines of “Doing Slavic Studies During a Global Pandemic,” but it’s hard to claim any particular expertise. If you’re a Slavist, and if you’re either working or fretting about not working, you’re doing it during a pandemic. We are all in the same boat, even if it is a pestilent cruise liner with many of us in steerage.

Founding Mothers: Barbara Heldt on Women in Slavic Studies and the AWSS

Barbara Heldt discusses her early years of being a woman in Slavic Studies and the founding of AWSS.

Decline in US Expertise on Russia

With Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, the US media and a growing number of senior government, policy and academic experts are raising concerns about the decline in US expertise on Russia.

A View from the East? Slavic Studies in Japan

Interview with Prof. Mitsuyoshi Numano (Tokyo U) - co-organizer of the first ICCEES World Congress to be held in Asia