Memory Politics in an Illiberal Regime: Hungary’s New Trianon Memorial

As problematic monuments are being brought down in recent anti-racist protests around the world, Hungary, in contrast, saw the completion of a deeply flawed and tone-deaf memorial.

Diffusion, Carnegie Corporation's Podcast, is Starting a Series Called Russia in Focus

CCNY is starting a podcast series called “Russia in Focus” featuring a dozen episodes, each one addressing an important issue in US-Russia relations with input from top experts in the field.

What Have We Learned, and Not Learned, from a Quarter-Century of Transition

Harley Balzer of Georgetown University discusses lessons learned from a quarter-century perspective of the "Transition to Communism", focusing largely on the lesson that China's surprising success challenges many assumptions and presents a stunning contrast to Russia.

Grappling with the Hungarian and Polish New Right in Power

David Ost describes the rise of the new right-wing parties in power in Hungary and Poland. The nationalistic parties defy political correctness and "liberal" democracy and actively attack the institutions that protect the pluralism of democracy.