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NewsNet (ISSN 1074-3057), a newsletter of the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, is published five times a year, in January, March, June, August, and October, and includes information about the field of Slavic, Russian, Central European, and Eurasian studies and is distributed to all ASEEES members. 

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JuneThe June 2021 issue of NewsNet is now available and includes: “Revisiting the ‘Contours of Race, Racialization, and Race-Making’ in Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies,” by Elana Resnick, UC Santa Barbara, Sunnie Rucker-Chang, University of Cincinnati, and Chelsi West Ohueri, University of Texas, Austin; “Summing Up Poetry: A Case Against Packaging,” by Ainsley Morse, Dartmouth College; “Supporting Precarious Scholars in Eastern Europe: Addressing Barriers to Publishing in US & UK,” by Janine Holc, Loyola University Maryland; “New Lease on Life for Physiological Collectivism? Reading Bogdanov in the Time of COVID,” by Felix Helbing, University of Pittsburgh. Please join us in congratulating the 2021 ASEEES Dissertation Grant & Internship Grant Recipients as well as the 2021 ASEEES Cohen-Tucker Dissertation Fellowship Recipients. As always, the NewsNet includes Personages, Publications, Institutional and Affiliate Group News, and In Memoriam. We’ve also shared a letter by the ASEEES Board President, Sibelan Forrester. To read the version designed for tablets, phones, and other smaller devices, please click here.

MarchIncludes excerpts from an interview with Eliot Borenstein (New York U) on his book, Plots against Russia: Conspiracy and Fantasy after Socialism (Cornell U Press, 2019), winner of the 2020 Vucinich Book Prize, by Diana Dukhanova (College of the Holy Cross); "Building a Network of Support for Undergraduate Students of Color Interested in REEES" by Amarilis Lugo de Fabritz (Howard U), Colleen Lucey (U of Arizona), Krista Goff (U of Miami), Kelly Knickmeier Cummings (Howard U); "Uncomfortable Conversations: On Preparing BIPOC University Students for Study in Russia" by Thomas Jesús Garza (University of Texas at Austin); and "'You’re doing it all wrong:' Course Revision and Planning in mid-career – True Confessions" by Christian Raffensperger (Wittenberg University). In addition, we have our usual features and the 2021 ASEEES Prizes Call for Submissions. For a version best viewed on tablets/phones/e-readers, click here.

January “Rightward Populist Rebellion in East Central Europe: Anxieties, Proselytization, and the Rebirth of Mythical Thinking” by Jan Kubik (Rutgers University/University College London); “The 2020 Professor Purges in Retrospect: ASEEES Concerns & Advocacy Plans” by Rebecca Mitchell (Middlebury College) & Steven Seegel (University of Northern Colorado); “Finland Forgotten: A Historical Case of (Unconscious) Cognitive Bias?” by Malcolm L. G. Spencer; “Gaming Russian and Soviet History” by Barbara C. Allen (LaSalle University). Also in this issue, the 2020 Executive Director’s Report by Lynda Park, the full list of 2021 ASEEES Board of Directors & Committees, and the Affiliate Organizations’ 2020 Prize Winners, in addition to our usual features. For a version best viewed on tablets/phones/e-readers, click here.

October”A Philosopher on the Streets of Belarus” by Tatiana Shchyttsova (European Humanities University & MAG); “Operation ASEEES and The Slavic Connexion’s Other Adventures” by Cullan Bendig, Samantha Farmer, Lera Toropin, Katya Yegorov-Crate (University of Texas-Austin); “Beyond Diversity: Integrating Racial Justice into REECA Studies” by Emily Couch; ”Is There Room for Early Modern Slavic Studies in the US & Canada?” by Ievgeniia (Zhenya) Sakal (Yale University); An interview with Oleh Kotsyuba about the New Books Website of the Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard; Spotlight on New Affiliate Group: The Working Group for Solidarity in REEES; Announcements of the 2020 ASEEES Prize winners and of the 2021 ASEEES Convention theme, in addition to our usual features. For a version best viewed on tablets/phones/e-readers, click here.

August "A Voice from the Slavic Studies Edge: On Being a Black Woman in the Field," by Kimberly St. Julian-Varnon (University of Pennsylvania); Winner of 2020 ASEEES Distinguished Contributions to Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies Award announced; "Reflections on Our 2019 ASEEES Pedagogy Roundtables," by Kathryn Julian (Westminster College) and Johanna Mellis (Ursinus College); "Responses of Libraries to the COVID-19 Pandemic & Implications for Research," by Janice T. Pilch (Rutgers, The State University of NJ); "Collective Zoom Guilt and the Russian Studies Classroom," by Kelly McGee (Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey); "What’s in a Name? Are We Slavic, East European, Eurasian, or All of the Above?" by Ani Kokobobo (University of Kansas); a Letter to ASEEES Members, lists of grant recipients, and all of our usual features. 

June“Conferences, Coronavirus, and the KGB: The Webinar Series on ‘The Political Police and the Soviet System: Insights from Newly Opened KGB Archives in the Former Soviet States’” by Michael David-Fox (Georgetown U); “The Screens of Academe” by Eliot Borenstein (NYU); “A Pandemic Dispatch from Brooklyn” by Brigid O’Keeffe (Brooklyn College, CUNY); and “The Fate of Graduate Research in a Time of Pandemic” by John Vsetecka (Michigan State University). We also congratulate our 2020 ASEEES Dissertation Grant, Internship Grant, and CTDRF Recipients. Finally, we included a letter from our ASEEES President Jan Kubik and the ASEEES Statement Condemning Systemic Racism and Police Brutality. For a version best viewed on tablets/phones/e-readers, click here

March—"The Transnational Turn in Russian Studies" by Connor Doak (University of Bristol), Kevin M.F. Platt (University of Pennsylvania), Vlad Strukov (University of Leeds); "On Slavic and Eurasian Studies in Japan" by Kimitaka Matsuzato (University of Tokyo / Moscow State University /Shanghai International Studies University); "Ruling Russia in China" by William Zimmerman (University of Michigan); To See Paris and Die, An Interview with Eleanory Gilburd, winner of the 2019 Vucinich Book Prize, by Sean Guillory (University of Pittsburgh). This issue also includes calls for submissions for many research grants, travel grants, book prizes, and awards. For a version best viewed on tablets/phones/e-readers, click here.

January“Belief: Possibility and Its Discontents,” by Mark D. Steinberg (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); “Harvard’s Ukrainian Research Institute Launches New Contemporary Ukraine Program,” by Emily Channell-Justice (Temerty Contemporary Ukraine Program); “Abolishing Academic Serfdom,” by Yulia Mikhailova (New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology). Additionally, the issue contains the Future of the Field Impact Report, the 2019 Executive Director’s Report, a listing of the 2020 ASEEES Board of Directors and Committees, and all of our usual features. We also congratulate the 2019 ASEEES Affiliate Organizations’ prize winners. For a version best viewed on tablets/phones/e-readers, click here

October“The Far-Right Reads Solzhenitsyn,” by Lynne Viola (University of Toronto); ASEEES Congratulates the Winners of the 2019 Prizes; “Chernobyl: The History of a Nuclear Disaster, An Interview with Serhii Plokhii,” by Andrew Jack (Pushkin House); “The Hoover Library and Archives at 100: Worlds in a Tower,” by Eric T. Wakin (Hoover Institution Library & Archives); Slavic Digital Humanities Pre-Convention Workshop and Events; New Committee for the Advocacy of Diversity and Inclusion; 2020 ASEEES Convention Theme and our usual features. For a version best viewed on tablets/phones/e-readers, click here.

August“Kazakhstan after Nazarbayev: Changes for Researchers," by Sarah Cameron (University of Maryland, College Park); 2019 ASEEES Distinguished Contributions to Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies Award winner announced; 3rd Biennial Summer Convention in Zagreb and Future of the Field Campaign reports; "Of Revolutionaries and Realists: Russian-Armenian Relations since the Velvet Revolution," by Stephen Badalyan Riegg (Texas A&M University); Diversity and Inclusion Convention Travel Grant Announcement; Travel Grant Recipients and our usual features. For a version best viewed on tablets/phones/e-readers, click here.

June—“Who’s Laughing Now?: What Volodymyr Zelensky’s Presidential Win May Mean for Ukraine Studies,” by William Jay Risch (Georgia College); “War on the Academy: The Hungarian Government’s Crackdown on Research Freedom,” by Stefano Bottoni (Hungarian Academy of Sciences); 2019 Research Grant Recipients and Cohen-Tucker Dissertation Research Fellowship Recipients; and “21st-Century Approaches to Copyright Law,” by Janice T. Pilch (Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey).  For a version best viewed on tablets/phones/e-readers, click here.

MarchThe Magnitsky Act - Behind the Scenes: An interview with the film director, Andrei Nekrasov by Choi Chatterjee (California State University, Los Angeles); Losing Pravda, An Interview with Natalia Roudakova (2018 winner of Vucinich Prize) by Sean Guillory (University of Pittsburgh); Recent Preservation Projects from the Slavic and East European Materials Project by Judy Alspach (Center for Research Libraries); The Prozhito Web Archive of Diaries: A Resource for Digital Humanists by Misha Mel’nichenko (Prozhito Web Archive), Svetlana Rasmussen (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), and Susan Grunewald (Carnegie Mellon University). For a version best viewed on tablets/phones/e-readers, click here.

Januaryincludes "Presidential Performances" by Julie Cassiday (Williams College); 2018 Executive Director’s Report by Lynda Park; "Celebrating ASEEES: Our Field, Our Future" by Beth Holmgren (Duke University); "New M.S. in Global Media and Cultures at Georgia Tech" by Dina Khapaeva (Georgia Institute of Technology); Affiliate Organizations’ 2018 Prize Winners, and 2019 ASEEES Board of Directors & Committees. For a version best viewed on tablets/phones/e-readers, click here.

October— As we celebrate the 70th anniversary of our organization’s founding and the 50th Convention, our October NewsNet features a series, entitled “Celebrating ASEEES,” that reflect on our history through the eyes of four AAASS/ASEEES Past Presidents: Reflections on the 1980s was written by Ellen Mickiewicz (Duke University); Marianna Tax Choldin (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) reflects on the 1990s; William Rosenberg (University of Michigan) describes his Board Presidency in the 2000s, while Bruce Grant (New York University) takes us through the 2010s. We also congratulate the Winners of the 2018 Prizes and thank our 2017-2018 Contributors. This issue spotlights the Journal of Russian American Studies (JRAS) and the Society for Romanian Studies, as well as announces our 2019 Convention Theme and the Call for Papers for our 2019 Summer Convention. For a version best viewed on tablets/phones/e-readers, please click here.

August“When the East Tries to Become the West,” by Lynn M. Tesser, Marine Corps University; 2018 ASEEES Distinguished Contributions to Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies Award;  Spotlight: Bulgarian Studies Journal;  “Celebrating ASEEES: Reflections on the Inaugural Convention,” by Loren R. Graham, MIT; “Celebrating ASEEES: Reflections on the 20th and 25th Convention” by Patricia Polansky, University of Hawaii; 2018 ASEEES Convention Special Events; 2018 ASEEES Travel Grant Recipients; and our usual features.

June— "Prague Spring at 50" by Daria V. Ezerova (Yale University); "In Search of the 'Perfect Collection': Armenian Studies Collections at the UC-Berkeley Library" by Liladhar R. Pendse (UC Berkeley); "Collaborating across Centers and Disciplines: Pitt’s Central Eurasia Initiative" by Zsuzsánna Magdó and Nancy Condee (University of Pittsburgh); Cohen-Tucker Dissertation Research Fellowship Recipients; Member Spotlight: Dan Healey. [This version is available by clicking on the month title or by clicking here for a version best viewed on mobile devices.] 

March "Applying Post-Socialist Studies outside Post-Soviet Space: The Many Washington, DCs" by Johanna Bockman (George Mason University and Institute for Advanced Study); "Interview with Benjamin Peters, Winner of the ASEEES 2017 Vucinich Book Prize" by Stephen Hutchings (University of Manchester, UK); "The William Brumfield Russian Architecture Digital Collection: From Database to Semantic Web" by Michael Biggins and Theo Gerontakos (University of Washington, Seattle); "Spotlight: Johnson’s Russia List" by David Johnson; and 2018 ASEEES Prizes Call for Submissions. [This version is available by clicking on the month title or by clicking  here for a version best viewed on mobile devices.] 

January includes "Betraying the Revolutions?" by Anna Grzymala-Busse (Stanford University); 2017 Executive Director’s Report by Lynda Park; "From Slavic Languages and Literatures to Russian and East European Studies at Penn" by Mitchell A Orenstein (University of Pennsylvania); Affiliate Organizations’ 2017 Prize Winners; 2018 ASEEES Board of Directors & Committees; our usual features and a schedule of upcoming webinars. [This version is available by clicking on the month title or by clicking here for a version best viewed on mobile devices.] 

October includes "Article Written: 1917 for 2017," by Kristin Romberg (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); "The Russian Revolution from Behind Bars," by Andy Bruno (Northern Illinois University) and Mark D. Steinberg (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign); "A Journey of a Thousand Years," by Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett (POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews); "Revolution Every Day," by Robert Bird (University of Chicago), Christina Kiaer (Northwestern University), and William Nickell (University of Chicago); "Events at the Art Institute during the ASEEES 2017 Convention," by Kathleen Tahk (The Art Institute of Chicago); three member spotlights of ASEEES doctoral dissertation research grant recipients; 2016-2017 Contributors to ASEEES; and the 2018 ASEEES Convention Theme. In addition to our usual features, we are proud to announce the 2017 ASEEES Prize Winners.  

August — includes "Broadening Career Opportunities and Training for PhDs: A Discussion at ASEEES," by Melissa Bokovoy (University of New Mexico); three "alt-ac" career Member Spotlights from Elana Jakel (US Holocaust Memorial Museum), Faith Wilson Stein (Stanford University Press), Daniel Peris (Federated Investors); and "Portable Practices of Critical Social Inquiry: Taking East Central Europe Global," by Jonathan Larson (Grinnell College). 
In addition to our usual features, we are proud to announce the 2017 Distinguished Contributions to Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies award recipient.  

June — includes "Central Asian Islam Outside a Soviet Box," by Morgan Y. Liu (The Ohio State University); "Opening the Vaults: Art Folios & Resources of the Hoover Institution Library," by Michael Herrick (Hoover Institution); "The Lost Archive of Major Martin Manhoff," by Douglas Smith; and "The Prague Spring Archive Project," by Ian P Goodale (University of Texas). In addition to our usual features, we are proud to announce the Cohen-Tucker Research Fellowship Recipients. [This version is available by clicking on the month title or by clicking here for a version best viewed on mobile devices.] 

The June issue is intended to be available primarily online and is not mailed except on request.

March — includes "Misbehaving Women and the Russian Revolutions of 1917," by Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild (Harvard University), "They Can Live in the Desert but Nowhere Else: A History of the Armenian Genocide: An Interview with Ronald Grigor Suny," by Norman M. Naimark (Stanford University), "Contingent Faculty and Slavic, East European, & Eurasian Studies: A Report by ASEEES Committee on the Status of Women in the Profession," by Sharon A. Kowalsky (Texas A&M University-Commerce), and "Celebrating Crime and Punishment at 150," by Kate Holland (University of Toronto) and Katherine Bowers  (University of British Columbia). Additionally, the issue includes ASEEES Prizes Calls for Submissions, announcements about the First Book Subvention and Mentoring programs, and our regular features. [This version is available by clicking on the month title or by clicking here for a version best viewed on mobile devices.] 

The March issue is intended to be available primarily online and is not mailed except on request.


January— “Area Studies and the ‘False Song of Globalism’” by Padraic Kenney, Indiana University; 2016 Executive Director’s Report by Lynda Park; “Reading Mayakovsky in São Paulo: Boris Schnaiderman and the Legacy of Russian Studies in Brazil” by Cassio de Oliveira, Portland State University; Affiliate Organizations’ 2016 Prize Winners; 2017 ASEEES Board of Directors & Committees; and our regular features



January— includes "On Truth, Politics and Authenticity: Culture in Beleaguered Times," by Catriona Kelly (University of Oxford); 2015 Executive Director’s Report, by Lynda Park; "Periodical Studies: Why and How to Re-read East European Journals," by Natalia Ermolaev and Philip Gleissner (Princeton U); Affiliate Organizations’ 2015 Prize Winners; 2016 ASEEES Board of Directors & Committees; "Treasures from the Pacific Northwest: Academic Library Collections Shaped by Time and Location," by ASEEES Committee on Libraries and Information Resources; "Saving Seventeen Moments in Soviet History: An Interview with Lewis Siegelbaum and James von Geldern," by Amy Nelson, (Virginia Tech); 2016 ASEEES membership forms, as well as our regular features.

March— includes "The 'Red South': Reflections on Teaching Race in the Post-Soviet Era," by Jennifer Wilson (University of Pennsylvania); "A Public Empire: An Interview of Ekaterina Pravilova," by Choi Chatterjee (Cal State University, Los Angeles); "Unique Academic Venture: the University Consortium," by Julie Newton (University of Oxford); Calls for Submissions to ASEEES Prizes, Additional Prizes, First Book Subvention Program, Dissertation Research Grant; an introduction to our new staff members, our usual features, and a spotlight on Elena Clark. [This version is available by clicking on the month title or by clicking here for a version best viewed on mobile devices.] 

The March issue is intended to be available primarily online and is not mailed except on request.

June— includes "Using Tolstoy and Dostoevsky to Teach Ethics in the Twenty-First Century" by Ani Kokobobo, University of Kansas; information about ASEEES First Book Subvention Program; "A Cautionary Tale for the Digital Age" by Barry P. Scherr, Dartmouth College; Affiliate Group Spotlight on Digital Humanities. This issue also contains our usual features, including Personages, Publications, Institutional Member and Affiliate News, and In Memoriam; additionally, 2016 ASEEES Board Election candidates. Finally, 2016 Cohen-Tucker Dissertation Research Fellowship Recipients and 2016 ASEEES-MAG Summer Convention Travel Grant Recipients are announced.

The June issue is intended to be available primarily online and is not mailed except on request.

August— includes "Grappling with Hungarian and Polish New Right in Power” by David Ost, Hobart and William Smith Colleges; “Get the Word Out! How to Bring Your Expertise to the Public” by Joshua A. Tucker, NYU; “Successful ASEEES-MAG Summer Convention Held in Lviv, Ukraine” by Lynda Park, ASEEES, and Olga Bukhina, MAG; and “A Student’s Experiences at the ASEEES Convention” by Lina Meilus, Indiana U.  ASEEES congratulates John Bowlt, the 2016 ASEEES Distinguished Contributions to Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies Award recipient. 2016 ASEEES Travel Grant Recipients were also named and the issue includes our regular features.

October— includes “What Have We Learned, and Not Learned, from a Quarter-Century of Transition” by Harley Balzer, Georgetown University; “The Kremlin Blamed Our Work When It Declared Russia’s Levada Center a ‘Foreign Agent’” by Theodore Gerber, University of Wisconsin-Madison & Jane Zavisca, University of Arizona; and “The Pedagogy of Images: Depicting Communism for Children” by Serguei A. Oushakine, Princeton University. Additionally, ASEEES congratulates the 2016 ASEEES Prize Winners and thanks our 2015-2016 contributors. The issue also announces the 2017 ASEEES Convention Theme and spotlights Kieran Williams.


  • January—includes "In Defense of Regional Studies in a Globalized World: Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies Twenty-Five Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall" the 2014 Presidential Address by Stephen E. Hanson (College of William and Mary); ASEEES Convention Important Dates; 2014 Winners of ASEEES Affiliate Organizations' Prizes; 2015 ASEEES Board of Directors; 2014 Executive Director's Report; "Following Chris Cviić: Ethics and Reconstruction from the Balkans to Ukraine" by James Gow, (King's College London, UK); the 2015 ASEEES Spring Calendar and membership forms, as well as our regular features.
  • March—includes "Translation and Beyond" by Brian James Baer, (Kent State University); "Plutopia:  An Interview" of Kate Brown (UMBC) by Lewis Siegelbaum (Michigan State University); ASEEES Member Spotlight: Antony Polonsky, Brandeis U; "Recent Developments in the Publishing Industry of the Russian Federation" by Christina Peter, (Frick Art Reference Library); Prize nomination instructions for ASEEES' and affiliate member awards; information regarding travel grants; and our regular features.
  • June—includes "Promoting Polish Studies in the 21st Century" by Brian Porter-Szücs, University of Michigan; "Innovative Online Platform for Polish Studies" by Katarzyna Jez, European University Viadrina; "Who Cares about the Duma? Russian Parliamentary Records as a Research Source" by Andrea Chandler, Carleton University; "ASEEES and the Future of Book Publishing" by Douglas Rogers, Yale University; "Using Conferences to Find a Publisher for Your Next Book Project" by Gwen Walker, University of Wisconsin Press and the ASEEES Board Statement Regarding May 11 2015 Special Meeting Decisions.  As always, our regular features appear as does an announcement about the ASEEES-MAG Summer Convention in Lviv, Ukraine, June 2016
    • The June issue is intended to be available primarily online and is not mailed except on request.

  • August—includes "Russia-related Research and Graduate Training in the United States" by Theodore P. Gerber, University of Wisconsin-Madison; an announcement of the new Cohen–Tucker Dissertation Research Fellowship Program for Russian Historical Studies;2015 ASEEES Distinguished Contributions to Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies Award winners announcement; "Avant-gardes and Émigrés: Digital Humanities and Slavic Studies" by Marijeta Bozovic, Yale University; "Central Asia Analytical Network" by Marlene Laruelle, George Washington University; 2015 ASEEES Travel Grant recipients named; Member Spotlight: Lynn Tesser and our features, including an announcement of the first book subvention program.
  • October—includes "War, Escalating Vulnerabilities, and Service Delivery in Ukraine" by Sarah D. Phillips, Indiana U and Jill Owczarzak, Johns Hopkins U; 2015 ASEEES Prize Winners; "On Slavic Review: Report from the Editor" by Harriet Murav, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; 2014-2015 Contributors to ASEEES; "The American Research Institute of the South Caucasus" by Talin Lindsay, ARISC Executive Director; 2016 ASEEES Convention Theme and General Rules; Member Spotlight: David Hoffmann; our regular features plus information about the upcoming summer conference in Lviv and a webinar hosted by ASEEES and the Association for Jewish Studies. 

  • January—includes "Revolutions: A Guided Tour: 2013 Presidential Address" by Diane P. Koenker (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign); "Enhancing the Opportunities and Avoiding Mistakes: the Value of Area Studies to Business" — Benjamin Loring (Georgetown U) interviews Trevor Gunn (Medtronic); "How the Olympics in Sochi Differ from Previous Games" by Robert W. Orttung (George Washington University); ASEEES Executive Director Lynda Park's 2013 Year-End Report; 2014 Members of the ASEEES Board and Committees; and Winners of ASEEES Affiliate Organizations' 2013 Prizes and Travel Grants
  • March—includes "Making Strides: Gender Equity in the Slavic Studies Profession" by the ASEEES Committee on the Status of Women: Paula A. Michaels (Monash U), Karen Petrone (U of Kentucky), Laura Schlosberg (Independent scholar), Heather Tidrick (U of Michigan), and Christine D. Worobec (Northern Illinois U); "Turning the Dissertation into a Book" by Benjamin Sawyer (Middle Tennessee State U); "Unearthed Soviet Holocaust Films Remind Us to Be Vigilant" by Jeremy Hicks (Queen Mary, U of London); Nomination and application information for 2014 ASEEES Book Prizes, Graduate Student Prizes, Distinguished Awards, and Travel Grants; Additional Prizes from Affiliate Organizations; ASEEES-Sponsored Conferences; In Memoriam: Remembering Anne C Odom, Stefan M Pugh, Alfred A Reisch, and Gary Howard Toops; and 2013 Contributors to ASEEES
  • June—includes "Music, Social Media, and African Voices in Ukraine" by Adriana Helbig, (U of Pittsburgh); "Digital Icons: Studies in Russian, Eurasian and Central European New Media" by Vlad Strukov (U of Leeds & Editor of Digital Icons); "Challenges and Pleasures of Journal Editing" by Birgit Beumers (Aberystwyth U; Editor of Kinokultura & Principal Editor of Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema); "Nabokov Online Journal: Where Scholarship Meets Innovation" by Yuri Leving (Dalhousie U & Nabokov Online Journal Founding Editor); "Building Professional Bridges: ASEEES Regional Conferences and International Cooperation" by David Borgmeyer (Saint Louis U); and In Memoriam: Remembering Vahan Barooshian, Robert L. Belknap, Karl Kramer, Richard Sheldon, and Gabor Vermes.

    The June issue is intended to be available primarily online and is not mailed except on request.

  • August—includes "The Language Flagship Model: Elements for All Institutions" by Sam Eisen (Director of The Language Flagship), ASEEES 2014 Distinguished Contributions Award Recipient; "Preserving Independence and Freedom in Russian Sociology: An Interview with Oksana Karpenko, Center for Independent Social Research" by Michele Rivkin-Fish (UNC Chapel Hill); Member Spotlight: David R. Marples (U of Alberta (Canada)); and 2014 ASEEES Convention Important Dates 
  • October — includes "Stanford Slavic Department Revises its Reading List" by Gabriella Safran (Stanford University); 2014 ASEEES Prize Winners; ASEEES Convention Important Dates; In Memoriam; ASEEES 47th Annual Convention Theme and Rules; "The Struggle for the History Textbook in Russia" by Ivan Kurilla (Volgograd State University (Russia)); Member Spotlight: Paula Michaels (Monash University (Australia)); and Membership Forms.

Please see our Newsnet Archive for issues from August 2006 through 2013.