Congratulations to the Winners of the 2020 ASEEES Prizes

Publishing Date: 
Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Distinguished Contributions to Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies Award:
      Katherine Verdery, Julien J. Studley Faculty Scholar and Distinguished Professor of Anthropology at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center.

Wayne S. Vucinich Book Prize for the most important contribution to Russian, Eurasian, and East European studies in any discipline of the humanities or social sciences
     Eliot Borenstein, Plots against Russia: Conspiracy and Fantasy after Socialism (Cornell University Press)
     Honorable Mention: Joan Neuberger, This Thing of Darkness: Eisenstein’s Ivan the Terrible in Stalin’s Russia (Cornell University Press)

University of Southern California Book Prize in Literary and Cultural Studies for outstanding monograph published on Russia, Eastern Europe or Eurasia in the fields of literary and cultural studies
     Simon Franklin, The Russian Graphosphere, 1450-1850 (Cambridge University Press, 2019)

Reginald Zelnik Book Prize in History for outstanding monograph published on Russia, Eastern Europe, or Eurasia in the field of history
     Kate Brown, Manual for Survival: An Environmental History of the Chernobyl Disaster (W. W. Norton & Company)
     Brendan McGeever, Antisemitism and the Russian Revolution (Cambridge University Press)
     Honorable Mention: Isolde Thyret, Saint-Making in Early Modern Russia: Religious Tradition and Innovation in the Cult of Nil Stolobenskii (New Academia Publishing)

Davis Center Book Prize in Political and Social Studies for outstanding monograph on Russia, Eurasia, or Eastern Europe in anthropology, political science, sociology, or geography
     Lenka Bustikova, Extreme Reactions: Radical Right Mobilization in Eastern Europe (Cambridge University Press)
     Honorable Mention: Justine Buck Quijada, Buddhists, Shamans, and Soviets: Rituals of History in Post- Soviet Buryatia (Oxford University Press)
     Honorable Mention: Samuel Greene and Graeme Robertson, Putin v. The People, The Perilous Politics of a Divided Russia (Yale University Press)

Marshall Shulman Book Prize for an outstanding monograph dealing with the international relations, foreign policy, or foreign-policy decision-making of any of the states of the former Soviet Union or Eastern Europe
     Kate Brown, Manual for Survival: An Environmental History of the Chernobyl Disaster (W.W. Norton & Company)
     Honorable Mention: Mara Kozelsky, Crimea in War and Transformation (Oxford University Press)

Ed A Hewett Book Prize for outstanding publication on the political economy of Russia, Eurasia and/or Eastern Europe
     Emanuela Grama, Socialist Heritage: The Politics of Past and Place in Romania (Indiana University Press)
     Honorable Mention: Alina-Sandra Cucu, Planning Labour: Time and the Foundations of Industrial Socialism in Romania (Berghahn Books)

Barbara Jelavich Book Prize for a distinguished monograph published on any aspect of Southeast European or Habsburg studies since 1600, or nineteenth- and twentieth-century Ottoman or Russian diplomatic history
     R. Chris Davis, Hungarian Religion, Romanian Blood: A Minority’s Struggle for National Belonging, 1920– 1945 (University of Wisconsin Press)

Kulczycki Book Prize in Polish Studies for the best book in any discipline, on any aspect of Polish affairs
     Lenny A. Ureña Valerio, Colonial Fantasies, Imperial Realities: Race Science and the Making of Polishness on the Fringes of the German Empire, 1840–1920 (Ohio University Press)
     Honorable Mention: Jessie Labov, Transatlantic Central Europe: Contesting Geography and Redefining Culture beyond the Nation (Central European University Press)

Omeljan Pritsak Book Prize in Ukrainian Studies for a distinguished book in the field of Ukrainian studies
     Simone Bellezza, The Shore of Expectations: A Cultural History of the Shistdesiatnyky (Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press)

W. Bruce Lincoln Book Prize for an author’s first published monograph or scholarly synthesis that is of exceptional merit and lasting significance for the understanding of Russia’s past
     Sean Griffin, The Liturgical Past in Byzantium and Early Rus (Cambridge University Press)
     Honorable Mention: Brendan McGeever, Antisemitism and the Russian Revolution (Cambridge University Press)

ASEEES Graduate Student Essay Prize for an outstanding essay by a graduate student in Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies
     Leah Valtin-Erwin, “A Bag for All Systems: Shopping Bags and Urban Grocery Shopping in Late Communist and Early Post-Communist Eastern Europe 1980-2000,” Dept. of History at Indiana University

Robert C. Tucker/Stephen F. Cohen Dissertation Prize for an outstanding English-language doctoral dissertation in Soviet or Post-Soviet politics and history in the tradition practiced by Tucker and Cohen, defended at an American or Canadian university
     Kelsey Norris, “The Ties that Bind,” University of Pennsylvania

CLIR Distinguished Service Award
     Janice Pilch, Copyright Education Librarian, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Prize winners will be recognized during the ASEEES Annual Convention virtual award ceremony on Saturday, November 7. Full citations will be available on our website.