2020 ASEEES Dissertation Grant Recipients

Publishing Date: 
Friday, June 19, 2020

ASEEES is delighted to announce the Dissertation Grant Recipients for 2020. Information about our various grants can be found here.

Thanks to the individual and institutional donors who have given generously to our fundraising campaigns, we were able to award over $340,000 in grants to graduate students this spring. Please consider giving to one of these important grant programs. Donations can be made in honor or in memory of a mentor, a scholar, or a colleague who made your success possible.

Anna Amramina, U of Minnesota, History of Science, Technology and Medicine, “A Common Language of the Earth: U.S.-Soviet Collaboration in the Earth Sciences”

Jamie Blake, UNC at Chapel Hill, Music, “Architects of Russian America: Transnational Musical Networks in the Early Twentieth Century”

Zhanna Budenkova, U of Pittsburgh, Slavic Languages and Literatures / Film studies, “War and Nostalgia in the Soviet Imaginary of Outer Space: A Study of Science Fiction”

LeiAnna Hamel, U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Slavic Languages and Literatures, “Undisciplined Bodies: Deviant Female Sexuality in Russian and Yiddish Literatures, 1877-1929”

Alexandra Novitskaya, Stony Brook U, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, “More than Safety from Persecution: Russian-speaking LGBTQ Migrants in New York City”

Ievgeniia Sakal, Yale U, History, “Old Books, New Books: Rethinking Religion in Early Modern Russia and Ukraine”

Anton Shirikov, U of Wisconsin-Madison, Political Science, “Who Trusts Untrustworthy Media: Partisanship, News Consumption, and Information Credibility in Non-Democracies”

Georgiy Syunyaev, Columbia U, Political Science, “Controlled Confusion: Manipulation of Public Attribution of Responsibilities in Decentralized Autocracies”

Oskar Czendze, UNC at Chapel Hill, History, “From Loss to Invention: Galician Jews Between New York and East Central Europe, 1890-1938”

Roman Gilmintinov, Duke U, History, “Socialist Economization of Nature: Environmental Regulation and the Development of Political Economy in the Soviet Union, 1965-91”

Roman Hlatky, U of Texas at Austin, Government, “Losing Control: International Actors and Nationalism in Central and Eastern Europe”

Karolina Koziura, The New School U, Sociology, “The Making of Holodomor in State Archives. Narratives of Famine and their Afterlives in Contemporary Ukraine”

Mariana Irby, U of Pennsylvania, Anthropology, “Fabricating the Nation: The Political Matter of Tajik Dressmaking”

Gheorghe Pacurar, Indiana U, Bloomington, Religious Studies, “Incarnate Ecclesiology and the Making of Democratic Law in Interwar Romania”

Jonathan Raspe, Princeton U, History, “Empire of Industry: The Soviet Economy and the National Republics, 1940–1990”

Emily Roche, Brown U, History, “No Second Troy: Traumatic Pasts and Ideological Futures in the Recreation of Warsaw, 1943-56”

Sohee Ryuk, Columbia U, History, “Weaving “Oriental Carpets” into the Soviet Union: Handicraft and Folk Art at the Intersections of Nations, Commodity, and Labor, 1928-1982”

Richard Tate, U of Florida, Natural Resources and Environment, “Contemporary Patterns of Plant Use Knowledge in Ach’ara, Georgia (Caucasus)”

Zofia Wlodarczyk, UC Davis, Sociology, “Female Chechen Refugees Fleeing Domestic Violence: The Escape, Integration Process and Transnational Ties”

Megan Armknecht, Princeton U, History, “Diplomatic Households and the Foundations of U.S.-Russian Relations, 1781-1870”

Maya Garcia, Harvard U, Slavic Languages and Literatures, “Ivan the Terrible’s Queer Legacy in the Arts”

Ji Soo Hong, Brown U, Department of History, “Siberia for Development: Carbon Energies, Processed Nutrients, and Transnational Ventures in Eastern Siberia, 1945-2005”

Rusana Cieply, UC Berkeley, Anthropology, “Going Back to the Land: Romanticism, Memory, and Imagination in the Russian Far East”

Stas Gorelik, George Washington U, Political Science, “What Makes Final Straws Final for Restive Masses?”

Grigory Hakimov, U of Massachusetts Amherst, Political Science and Legal Studies, “‘Civil Society Engagement in Elections under Hybrid Regimes: Domestic Election-Monitoring Groups in Russia’”

Dina Shvetsov, The New School, Politics/Social Research, “Property Relations in The Condition of Legal Pluralism in Chechnya: Preliminary Research”