Will Global Populism Continue to Erode Democracies?

Joshua Tucker interviews Anna Grzymała-Busse, about her guest-edited special issue of Slavic Review on "Global Populisms,”

Immigrant Stories, An Initiative

The authors felt that they might work to gather some immigrant stories in order to honor the immigrant experience, particularly at a time, when travel bans and ICE raids have made being an immigrant more difficult than it has been in a long time.

Portable Practices of Critical Social Inquiry

Refelections on the roundtable "Portable Practices of Critical Social Inquiry: Taking East Central Europe Global” from last years annual conference. 

Broadening Career Opportunities and Training for PhDs: A Discussion at ASEEES

NewsNet is dedicated to helping SEEES specialists explore carees beyond the professoriate. With the guidance of the ASEEES Committee on NonAcademic Careers, we have assembled a variety of articles that address this issue from multiple angles. This article offers advice and resources for Ph.D. students considering alternative careers.

The Lost Archive of Major Martin Manhoff

Douglas Smith recounts his discovery of a wealth of new information from the USSR collected by Martin Manhoff. 

The Subcommittee on Education & Access (CLIR) Conducting Survey

The Subcommittee on Education & Access (affiliated with the Committee on Libraries and Information Resources (CLIR)) is conducting a survey of REEE scholars and information professionals.

MAG Offering Travel Grants to 2017 ASEEES Convention

Travel Grant available to Ukranian and Belrusian scholars attending the ASEEES Chicago Convention. Application deadline is quickly approaching!

The Prague Spring Archive Project

Information on the announcement of a new archive on the Prague Spring. 

Central Asian Islam Outside a Soviet Box

A quarter century after the Soviet collapse, Central Asian studies continues to find more of a home with institutions in the ASEEES realm than with Middle East studies, Asian studies, or comparative Muslim societies. But a nagging question remains. What is being left out in Central Asian research when its scholars tend to be associated most with Slavic, East European, and Eurasian units, conferences, and publication venues?

Opening the Vaults: Art Folios & Resources of the Hoover Institution Library (Text)

In preparation for the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution, the Hoover Library & Archives made a concerted effort to assess its holdings of visual materials produced in that era. This process included recent careful description of the library’s art vault, the core component of which is made up of what is called the Russian Art Collection.