To See Paris and Die, An Interview with Eleanory Gilburd

A shortened transcript from an interview with author Eleonory Gillory for the Sean's Russia Blog Podcast about her book To See Paris and Die.

Ruling Russia in China

William Zimmerman on how his book Ruling Russia came to be published in China.

On Slavic and Eurasian Studies in Japan

Kimitaka Matsuzato on the Japanese Council for Russian and East European Studies and the field of study in Japan.

The Transnational Turn in Russian Studies

Connor Doak, Kevn Platt, and Vlad Strukov on the shift in the vocabulary and research methods used in humanities fields, especially in regards to the study of Russia.

Helping Graduate Students in a Time of Crisis

Brian Porter-Szűcs speaks on the actions that can be taken to assist graduate students during uncertain times, including providing them with different avenues for research, additional mentoring, and dealing with the tight timetables for completing research.

Graduate Initiative in Russian Studies, Middlebury Institute

The Graduate Initiative in Russian Studies (GIRS) at the Middlebury Institute for International Studies at Monterey (MIIS) provides extensive opportunities for students to become professionalized alongside leading experts on Russia and Eurasia.

"Belief: Possibility and its Discontents" ASEEES Presidential Address

Address written by current ASEEES President, Mark Steinberg, on the 2019 convention theme "Belief".

"Belief" - 2019 Presidential Plenary

An introduction by Mark Steinberg for the 2019 Presidential Plenary, along with links to the essays.

Borenstein: Beyond Belief

An essay on the topic of Belief by Eliot Borenstein for the 2019 Presidential Plenary.