Central Asian Analytical Network

Marlene Laruelle at George Washington University discusses the new Central Asia Analytical Network, a unique Russian language web platform.

Avant-gardes and Emigres: Digital Humanities and Slavic Studies

Marijeta Bozovic discusses her work to develop a research initiative and online environment dedicated to the study of Russian and East European avant-gardists and émigrés in the twentieth century.

In Memoriam: Svetlana Boym

Svetlana Boym, Curt Hugo Reisinger Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures and Comparative Literature at Harvard University, passed away August 5.

Polish-Studies.Interdisciplinary (Pol-Int): Innovative Online Platform for Polish Studies

Pol-Int is a community-based online platform that links the worldwide Polish studies scholarly community and promotes content exchange among scholars.

Fulbright US Scholar Program

The Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program offers teaching/research opportunities at a number of institutions in Eastern Europe

Promoting Polish Studies in the 21st Century

This article highlights the challenges faced in ensuring university administrators, donors, and policy-makers recognize that Polonists represent an extraordinarily dynamic field, and study a country that is quickly rising to a position of prominence.

New Committee for East-West Accord

In 2015, a new Committee was formed to promote serious exchange of ideas and discussion of policy toward Russia at a time when the space for cooperative discussion is much narrower than only a few years ago.

Using Conferences to Find a Publisher for Your Next Book Project

This post contains tips for preparing to meet book editors in the weeks preceding an academic conference; for how to make the best use of interaction with publishers; for identifying next steps following the conference.

ASEEES and the Future of Book Publishing

The initiatives outlined in this piece are targeted ways in which ASEEES can assist its members and publishers as they adapt to changing circumstances in the publishing industry.

Founding Mothers: Barbara Heldt on Women in Slavic Studies and the AWSS

Barbara Heldt discusses her early years of being a woman in Slavic Studies and the founding of AWSS.