Diffusion, Carnegie Corporation's Podcast, is Starting a Series Called Russia in Focus

By Celeste Ford, Carnegie Corporation of New York

Diffusion is the podcast of Carnegie Corporation of New York, the first grantmaking foundation in the United States established by Andrew Carnegie in 1911. Their mission is to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding around issues of peace, education and democracy. Carnegie Corporation’s inaugural podcast Diffusion is now live on Audioboom.Diffusion

The foundation is starting with a series called “Russia in Focus” featuring a dozen episodes, each one addressing an important issue in US-Russia relations with input from top experts in the field. Twenty-five years after the fall of the Soviet Union, the U.S.-Russian relationship is in crisis. This podcast series offers nuanced debate about Russia, its current and future relations with the United States and the impact of this critical relationship on international peace and security. The three podcasts posted this week include Tom Graham teamed with Bob Legvold; Matt Rojansky and Angela Stent; and Michael Kofman in discussion with Elbridge Colby.

Carnegie Corporation invites you to listen and consider sharing the podcast series with your circles. 

In addition, here are three new content developments that might be of interest,

  1. Harvard’s Belfer Center has launched a new website called “Russia Matters.”  
  2. On November 28, the Corporation and The National Interest will begin running a series of essays with advice on US-Russia relations for the next president.
  3. And this week, the European Leadership Network released a report titled “Managing Hazardous Incidents in the Euro-Atlantic Area.” It evaluates the existing mechanisms for managing military encounters between Russia and its neighbors.