CCNY and Harvard U Launch Russia Matters Website

Carnegie Corporation of New York, in partnership with Harvard University’s Belfer Center, is pleased to bring to your attention Russia Matters, a new website that seeks to inform the debate on Russia in the United States with data-driven analyses and facts. Russia Matters features quantitative assessments of Russia’s internal development and its foreign policy, hosts original commentary from and debates among top Russia experts, produces a comprehensive weekly round-up of news stories related to important aspects of Russia and its relationship with the world, and serves as a source of information for relevant events within universities and think-tanks. As the site develops, it will also become the go-to source for students, featuring upcoming fellowship and grant opportunities related to the study of Russia; and for journalists, by offering analyses and suggesting experts on various topics. We hope that you will bring this website to the attention of your colleagues, students, and others who might be interested in it.