The Monkey Cage on the Washington Post

The Monkey Cage is an award-winning political blog started in 2007 by a group of political scientists at various universities in the US. Joshua Tucker, NYU political scientist and ASEEES board member, joined in 2009 and has played an instrumental role in providing regular analyses of East European and post-Soviet politics on the widely-read blog.

The Monkey Cage moved to the Washington Post in the fall of 2013 to attract an even larger readership. Lately in light of the recent events in Ukraine and Russia, the Monkey Cage has featured numerous posts on politics in Russia and Ukraine, many written by ASEEES members, and is a great source for analysis. 

Here are some recent posts by ASEEES members:

You can read them all on the Monkey Cage.

Why the "Monkey Cage," you ask?  The name comes from H. L. Mencken's quote, "Democracy is the art of running the circus from the monkey cage.” You can read more about the Monkey Cage here.

You can keep up on the Monkey Cage posts by following it on Twitter: @monkeycageblog