Member Spotlight

ASEEES boasts over 3,000 members throughout the world.  This section will spotlight different members in varying stages in their careers and with diverse fields of interest. The spotlight will rotate regularly. 

Siobhán Hearne, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at Durham University (UK)

Karl D. Qualls, Professor of History, Dickinson College

Nina MurrayAuthor, Poet, Translator

Emily ElliottManaging Editor, East Lansing Info

Elise Thorsen, Open Source Analyst at Novetta Advanced Analytics

Imani Crawford, Founder, Black Bread

Jeff Eden, Assistant Professor of History, St. Mary's College of Maryland

Andrew Demshuk, Associate Professor of History, American University

William E. Butler, John Edward Fowler Distinguished Professor of Law, Dickinson Law, Pennsylvania State University

Steven Stoltenberg, Foreign Affairs Analyst, U.S. Department of State (retired)

Louis Howard Porter, Assistant Professor of History, Texas State University

Marina Alexandrova, Senior Lecturer in Russian Studies, Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies, University of Texas at Austin

Brendan J. Nieubuurt, Librarian for Slavic, East European & Eurasian Studies, University of Michigan

Sean McDaniel, Adjunct History Instructor, Schoolcraft College

Slobodanka Millicent Vladiv-Glover, Adjunct Associate Professor at the School of Languages, Literature, Cultures and Linguistics, Monash University

Trevor Erlacher, Academic Advisor for REEES at the University of Pittsburgh and Program Coordinator and Editor for ASEEES

Sunnie Rucker-ChangAssistant Professor of Slavic and Eastern European Studies, University of Cincinnati

Angelo de Oliveira Segrillo, Professor of Contemporary History, University of São Paulo 

Angelina Lucento, Assistant Professor of History and Art History, National Research University-Higher School of Economics

Yelena Furman, Lecturer at UCLA and Olga Zilberbourg, Russian-American bilingual writer

Adele Lindenmeyr Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Villanova University

Rachel Applebaum Assistant Professor, Tufts University

Julian Connolly Professor, University of Virginia

Cinzia Solari Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston

Suzanne Ament, Associate Professor, University of Radford

Barbara Allen Associate Professor, LaSalle University

Katherine Hill Reischl Assistant Professor, Slavic Languages and Literature, Princeton University

Ivan Sablin Research Group Leader, Department of History, University of Heidelberg

Kate Pride Brown Assistant Professor, School of History and Sociology, Georgia Institute of Technology

Peter Reddaway Emeritus Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, The George Washington University

Anatoly Pinsky Associate Professor, Department of History, European University at St. Petersburg

Curtis Murphy Assistant Professor in History, Philosophy and Religious Studies Department at Nazarbayev University

Olga Velikanova Associate Professor of Russian History at University of North Texas

Katalin Cseh-Varga, Lecturer in the Department of Theater, Film and Media Studies, University of Vienna

Omer Bartov, Professor of German Studies, Brown University

Susan Grunewald, PhD Candidate in History, Carnegie Mellon University

Daria Khlevnyuk, PhD Student of Sociology, SUNY Stony Brook 

Petya Andreeva, PhD Student of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, University of Pennsylvania 

Sergey Saluschev, PhD Student of History, UC Santa Barbara 

Dan Healey, University Professor of History, University of Oxford (United Kingdom)

Maria Bucur-Deckard, Chair of East European History & Professor, Indiana University

Lynne Viola, University Professor of History, University of Toronto (Canada)

Yana SkorobogatovPhD Candidate in History, UC Berkeley

Caterina Preda, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Univeristy of Bucharest (Romania)

Julia Mickenberg, Associate Professor of American Studies, University of Texas at Austin 

Faith Wilson Stein, Associate Editor, Stanford University Press

Elana Jakel, Program Manager, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 

Daniel Peris, Senior Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager, Federated Investors

Mikhail EpsteinProfessor of Cultural Theory and Russian Literature, Emory College 

Sabrina Ramet, Professor of Political Science, Norwegian University of Science & Technology (Norway)

Nadia Boyadjieva, Visting Scholar at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University 

Svetlana Ter-Grigoryan, PhD Student in History, Ohio State University

Svitlana Krys, Kule Chair in Ukrainian Studies and Assistant Professor, MacEwan University

Jenifer Parks, Associate Professor of History, Rocky Mountain College

Rex A. Wade, Retired University Professor of History, George Mason University

Denise J. Youngblood, Professor of History, University of Vermont

Larissa Zaleska Onyshkevych, Independent Scholar

Helene Sinnreich, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Vladislav Rjeoutski, Research Fellow at the German Historical Institute in Moscow

Kieran Williams, Visiting Professor of Political Science, Drake University

Douglas Smith, Historian, Translator, and Author

Victoria Khiterer, Associate Professor of History, Millersville University

Stephen D. Shenfield, Independent Scholar

Donald J. Raleigh, Jay Richard Judson Distinguished Professor, UNC Chapel Hill

Jeremy Tasch, Associate Professor of Global and Eurasian Studies, Townson University

Ana Hedberg OleninaACLS Fellow and Visting Scholar at Arizona State University

Erik Scott, Assistant Professor of History, University of Kansas 

Barbara Skinner, Associate Professor of History, Indiana State University

Elena Clark, Author; Teacher Scholar and Postdoctoral Fellow in Russian, Wake Forest University 

Ellen Rutten, Professor of Slavonic Literatures and Cultures, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Mary Manor Mullins, Independent Scholar studying nationalism

Allison Leigh, Postdoctoral fellow, the Cooper Union 

Timothy Snyder, Professor of History, Yale University

Kristy Ironside, Lecturer, University of Manchester (UK)

Jonathan Sherry, Andrew Mellon Fellow and PhD Candidate in History, University of Pittsburgh

Justin Wilmes, Assistant Professor of Russian Studies, East Carolina University

Michael D. Kennedy, Professor of Sociology & International and Public Affairs, Brown University 

Thaddeus Gromada, Professor Emeritus, New Jersey City University & Executive Director, PIASA (ret)

Lynne Tesser, Associate Professor of International Relations, Marine Corps University

Thomas GarzaUniversity Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor in Slavic and Eurasian Studies & Director of the Texas Language Center, University of Texas at Austin

David Hoffman, Professor of History, the Ohio State University 

Caroline Lemak Brickman, Graduate Student of Slavic Languages and Literatures, UC Berkeley

Valeria Sobol, Associate Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Univeristy of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Birgitta Ingemanson, Professor of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Washington State University

Margaret Samu, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art History, Yeshiva U Stern College for Women & Lecturer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)

Antony Polonsky, Albert Abramson Professor of Holocaust Studies, Brandeis University & Chief Historian, Museum of the History of Polish Jews (Warsaw, Poland)

Maria Sidorkina, PhD student in Anthropology, Yale University

Cassandra Hartblay, PhD student in Cultural and Medical Anthropology, UNC at Chapel Hill

Jennifer Suchland, Associate Professor, Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures, Ohio State University 

Ariann Stern-Gottschalk, Director of Summer Language Workshop, Indiana University

Norihiro NaganawaAssociate Professor of Slavic Studies, Hokkaido University (Japan)

Mara Kozelsky, Associate Professor of History, University of South Alabama

Nancy M. Wingfield, Presidential Research Professor of History, Northern Illinois University

Steven Lee, Assistant Professor, English Department, UC Berkeley

William H. Hill, Professor of National Security Strategy, National Defense University

Alexandra Hrycak, Professor of Sociology, Reed College

Nadia BoyadjievaProfessor of International Law and International Relations, University of Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

Ben Whisenhunt, Professor of History, College of Dupage

David Marples, Distinguished University Professor of History, Unversity of Alberta (Canada)

Alexander Pershái, Managing Editor of “The Bridge-MOCT”, the newsletter of the International Association for the Humanities

Ewa Thompson, Research Professor of Slavic Studies, Rice University

Kristen Ghodsee Professor of gender and women’s studies, Bowdoin College 

Emily D. Johnson, Associate Professor of Russian, University of Oklahoma

Bathsheba Demuth, PhD candidate in History, University of California, Berkeley

David W. MontgomeryVisiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh

Christopher Ely,  Associate Professor of History, Honors College, Florida Atlantic University

Elizabeth BlakeAssistant Professor of Russian, Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Saint Louis University

Elizabeth Geballe, Ph.D. Candidate in Comparative Literature, with a minor in Slavic Studies, Indiana University

Colleen Lucey, PhD Student, Department of Slavic Languages and Literature, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Paula Michaels, Senior Lecturer, Department of History, Monash University (Australia)

Matthew RomanielloAssociate Professor, Department of History, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Derek Shouba, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Morton College

Katherine Bowers, Research Associate, Department of Slavonic Studies, University of Cambridge (UK)

Ulf Brunnbauer, Managing Director of the Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (Regensburg, Germany)

Matthew Rojansky, Director of Woodrow Wilson Center Kennan Institute

Joseph Lenkart, Manager of the Slavic Reference Service, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Kimberly St. Julian, MA Student in Regional Studies, Harvard University

Michael Bobick, Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Pittsburgh