Institutional Membership Benefits

Institutional Members receive:

  • One Slavic Review online subscription (print will be available upon request)
    • Includes online access to Slavic Review predecessor journals: Slavonic Yearbook American Series, Slavonic and East European Review American Series, and American Slavic and East European Review
  • Ability to submit a nomination for the Beth Holmgren Graduate Student Essay Prize
  • Representation on the Council of Member Institutions, which meets annually at the Convention and whose chair serves on the ASEEES Board of Directors
  • Participation in the Institutional Members Listserv
  • The opportunity to include information and news about their institution in the "News from Institutional Members" section of NewsNet
  • A link to their Home Page from the ASEEES List of Member Institutions page
  • Listing in the ASEEES Annual Convention program
  • Listing in a searchable organization directory on ASEEES Members site
  • Posting of your announcements, such as job, fellowship, and conference announcements, on the ASEEES Members site, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • ASEEES advocacy on behalf of the field.

Premium Institutional Members also receive:

  • Two registrations to the ASEEES Annual Convention
  • A 5% discount on advertising in NewsNet
  • A second online subscription to Slavic Review 
  • An invitation to the President's Reception at the ASEEES Convention

NOTE: Membership benefits do not automatically flow down to the representatives of the institutions. If a representative is participating in a session at the ASEEES convention, they must be an individual member.