Legacy Society


The ASEEES Legacy Society honors those who have made plans to support ASEEES with a future gift through their will or estate planning. Membership does not require a large income or vast estate and there isn’t a minimum donation. Legacy Society members have provided documentation of their thoughtful intention. Recognition and our appreciation are immediate.

We are delighted to support the Future of the Field Campaign as founding members of the ASEEES Legacy Society. Through our estate, we will create an endowment to fund future scholarship on religion and politics. A bequest makes it possible for us to honor our decades of membership in ASEEES today and to help sustain the field for generations to come.

Sabrina P. Ramet and Christine M. Hassenstab
History, Norwegian University of Science & Technology
Legacy Society Members

The most straightforward way to become a member of the ASEEES Legacy Society is to name ASEEES as a beneficiary of your retirement account or as a beneficiary in your will or trust. Sample bequest language will help you complete your plans. Other life income gifts or gifts of life insurance may be discussed. You can find out more about legacy giving here:

More About Legacy Giving

All documented future intentions (existing or recently established) qualify for recognition in the Legacy Society. All estate planning options will be considered and may provide recognition within the Campaign subject to gift crediting guidelines. 

LEGACY GIVING – Bequest Intentions, Retirement Plans and Insurance Policies

A gift to ASEEES in your will or revocable trust helps to ensure the future of the field helping to maintain ASEEES as the leading international organization dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Caucasus in regional and global contexts and by providing direct investments in future scholars and scholarship.

Why make a bequest intention to ASEEES? It is…

  • is easy to arrange,

  • will not alter your current lifestyle in any way, and

  • can be easily modified to address your changing needs.