Rules for Recording and Social Media

Recording Policy

Out of respect for our speakers, unless you receive their express approval beforehand, please do not use any visual or audio recording devices to record speakers during their presentation. At individual sessions, enforcement is the responsibility of the session chair, as directed by the speakers.


ASEEES reserves the right to take still photographs of events at the Annual Convention for possible publication on its web site, newsletter, or other official publications; by attending such events, attendees are granting permission to ASEEES to be included in such photographs.

Social Media Guideline

To enhance intellectual exchange and facilitate virtual attendance with so many simultaneous sessions, we encourage the use of social media to broadcast the content of the Annual Convention. ASEEES will provide an official hashtag (for 2019: #ASEEES19). 

  • First and foremost, think before you tweet. Use common sense and courtesy when tweeting. The “Golden Rule” is: tweet unto others as you would have them tweet unto you. Remember, we are a community of professionals and we should conduct ourselves professionally.
  • Be clear about whose work you are presenting – is this claim made by the presenter, an audience member, or something you thought of yourself? 
  • We suggest using the session number found in the program, for example - 1-01 for Session 1, panel 1, when tweeting about that session.
  • If a presenter does not wish for their material to be mentioned on social media, they should make an effort to inform their audience prior to the event or display the information on their slides, if relevant.

Opinions expressed by creators, moderators, posters and commentators are their own, and not necessarily that of ASEEES or its affiliates.

ASEEES is not responsible for the content of third party social media websites and does not make any representations regarding the content or accuracy of materials on them.