Proposal Submission Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I submit an incomplete application? Can I edit my proposal after it has been submitted?

Q2. Do I have to collect participants' CV information?

Q3. Do I need to submit paper descriptions for a panel proposal?

Q4. Do all participants need to be ASEEES members at the time of the proposal submission?  Why can't I find my colleagues' names to add them to my proposal submission?

Q5. Can I serve as a chair and a paper presenter on a panel? In how many sessions can my name appear in the Convention program?

Q6. Can I ask for a specific session time for my panel?

Q7. What audio-visual equipment is provided in the meeting rooms at the convention venue?

Q8. How can I go back to a previous page in the online proposal system?

Q9. Can I submit a proposal as an e-mail attachment?

Q10. Can I make changes to the proposal after I submitted?

See the step-by-step instructions on how to submit an online panel/rountable proposal (PDF).


A1: The online system will NOT allow you save an incomplete proposal to submit later. So it is vitally important that you gather all the information you need before you start your submission process. However, once you have successfully submitted, you can go back and edit the proposal afterwards until the submission deadline.

A panel must: one chair; 3-4 papers (NO MORE than 4); and at least one discussant, with a maximum of 2. A discussant or a paper presenter may also serve as the panel chair, although this is not preferred.  See the Rules for Participation.

Roundtables must have: a chair; and minimum of 3 to maximum of 5 roundtable speakers. The chair may also be a roundtable speaker, but in such a situation, there must be at least 4 roundtable speakers. See the Rules for Participation.

A lightning round must have: a chair; and 6-8 presenters. The chair may also be a presenter., although this is not preferred. See the Rules for Participation.


A2: NO - But it is vitally important that you ask all session participants to create or update their information in the ASEEES Member Site. They MUST enter their brief CV information in the "CV Information" box under "My Information" --> "Edit Information" Tab.

However, if you are submitting a Word submission form via e-mail and you know that your participant does not have a profile in our Member Site, then you must provide their CV information in the form.

You can check to see if they submitted their CV information by searching for them in the Individual Directory on the ASEEES Members Site.


A3:YES - In addition to the brief abstract describing your panel, we are asking for a 2-3 sentence description for each paper. You will need to gather this information before you start the submission process.

For a roundtable, you only need to submit a brief abstract describing the roundtable and a justification as to why it should be a roundtable and not a panel.


A4: All individual paper and lightning round presentation submitters and session organizers in the US or abroad MUST be ASEEES members at the time of submission in order to submit a proposal.

At the time of the proposal submission, the other session participants do not need to be members, BUT they all need to have their profile on our ASEEES Member Site. Ask them NOW to go to the ASEEES Members Site and enter/update their information. If they are not in the database, you will NOT BE ABLE to complete your submission. Once your colleagues are in our database, you as the panel organizer will just have to search for the presenter's last name and click to add that person into the proposal. 

If you cannot find your session participants' names in the proposal submission site, and thus cannot add them to your proposed panel, then they may not have a profile in the ASEEES member system.  They do not need to become members at the time of the panel proposal (only the organizer / submitter must be a member at that point), but they do need to create a profile.

If they have attended the convention in the last 9 years even as non-members, they should already be in our database. They can check this by entering their e-mail address at "Forgot Your Password?" If their e-mail address is in our database, this would allow them to set their password and update any info.

IMPORTANT: Once the proposals have been accepted, all participants who are Slavic, East European, and Eurasian studies scholars in the U.S. and abroad must be current ASEEES members in order to participate in the convention. Only scholars outside the field of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian studies do not need to join ASEEES (but they still must register for the convention as non-members). (Learn more about membership in ASEEES)

All participants on panels/roundtables -- both members and non-members -- MUST preregister by the deadline and pay the registration fee. See Convention Registration for more information.

A5: YES, you can be both chair and discussant on a panel, or give a paper and chair a panel. However, you cannot give a paper and serve as a discussant on the same panel.

Your name can only appear in the program in two sessions (panels or roundtables), and you can only give ONE paper as one of your two appearances. There are NO exceptions to the two session rule. Participation in a lightning round does not count towards the two session rule. Being an organizer does not count as a "participant". Organizers' names do not appear in the program. You may organize as many panels or roundtables as you wish.


Q6. Can I ask for a specific session time for my panel?

A6: NO, except for religious reasons. If you agree to participate in the ASEEES Convention, you are agreeing to be scheduled during any of the planned sessions. We will honor specific scheduling requests only for religious reasons. Due to Sukkot dates overlapping with the virtual convention, we will do our best to schedule those sessions to avoid conflicts with religious/holiday services or activities. Scheduling requests must be made at the time of the submission.  

Mike Hickey's article in the May 2008 issue of NewsNet: "The Five Obstructions" or "Why somebody's panel has to meet on Sunday morning"


A7: Each meeting room will be equipped with a digital projector and screen for panels and roundtables.  You are required to bring your own laptop. No other a-v equipment will be offered and the meeting rooms do not have internet access. See the a-v policy page for more information.  We do not guarantee a-v equipment for affiliate groups' business meeting requests.


A8: To go back to a previous page in the online proposal, click on the correct section of the arrow line that lists the pages that you had already completed (see the circled area in the screenshot below). You CANNOT use the "Back" button in the browser to go back to the previous page of the proposal. 


A9: YES, you may submit a proposal as e-mail attachment. The proposal forms in Word can be found in the Call for Proposals page. A completed form can be sent as e-mail attachment to

A10:  After you've submistted your proposal, you cannot make changes yourself. We can make some minor changes for you before the proposal deadline. Changes should be sent to the Convention Session Coordinator at

All other questions or issues related to the convention should be addressed to:

Margaret Manges, Convention Manager
Phone: (412)648-4049