ASEEES Convention Audio-Visual Equipment Policy

ASEEES will provide either a digital projector/screen or a large LED monitor with speakers in each meeting room for panels and roundtables. In most rooms, there will be a LCD projector, screen and audio speakers. In the smaller rooms, there will be a large LED monitor only (which you can connect your laptop directly to). You will be required to bring any other equipment, specifically your own laptop, remote, etc. in order to make your presentation.

No other audio-visual equipment will be provided. 

Cables and Adapters: The standard setup in rooms will include a projector/screen or LED monitor, VGA cable, power-strip, mini headphone cable and sound system hooked up via the headphone jack on your laptop. The projector does have an HDMI port, but we suggest that you bring a long HDMI cable if you plan to use the HDMI connection. In the smaller rooms with a monitor only, there will be VGA and HDMI cables. Please be aware that a lot of the newer thin laptops do not have VGA or HDMI display ports. In order to ensure no delays, please be sure to bring the correct display adapter for your laptop if it does not have VGA or HDMI port.

For Apple laptops: Please be sure to bring the necessary adaptors to connect your Apple laptop to the projector or monitor. Because Apple has 8-9 different dongles, the A-V company does not carry them.

We provide Wi-Fi in the exhibit hall and other public locations in the hotel.  We do not provide Wi-Fi in the meeting tooms.

Designate one person's laptop for use during the session; load all presentations onto the laptop before the session; and test the presentation to make sure they will work with the software on the designated laptop.