ASEEES Virtual Convention FAQ

This page will be updated as the plans for a virtual convention get finalized.

Why is ASEEES switching to a virtual convention?

The health and safety of all of our attendees is our most important factor in making this difficult decision.  The ASEEES Executive Committee and the 2020 Convention Planning Committee closely considered the CDC recommendations and the local and state goverment mandes and decided that the risks associated with travel and large group gatherings are too great at this time.  We act in conjunction with many other scholarly societies. Many academics have been denied travel funding, thus making it impossible for them to attend an in-person convention in the foreseeable future. We are also acting in response to the many survey responses which indicated an inability or unwillingness to participate in-person. 

Why not a hybrid convention allowing those willing to attend? 

While the cost of hosting a virtual convention is not free, hosting a hybrid convention is much higher, even higher than an in-person convention. A virtual convention will also be less complicated for our limited staff to manage.

Do I have to participate? 

There is no mandatory participation, however, session organizers will be responsible for letting ASEEES know the intentions of the participants. This may allow for new participants to be added to the panel who may not have participated otherwise. We will send out a survey soon for you to indicate your decision whether to participate in a virtual convention or to withdraw.

What if our entire panel decides to drop out? 

If your panel makes a unanimous decision to drop out of the 2020 convention, the panel organizer must indicate the panel withdrawal in a forthcoming survey. If you would like to propose the same session for the 2021 convention, you will have to resubmit your session next year. ASEEES will not be able to transfer sessions to 2021. However, you may indicate that your session was accepted for the 2020 convention in your 2021 submission.

How does a virtual convention work? 

Sessions will be presented over a Zoom or a similar video platform. Participants may be able to pre-record their presentations, which will be played during their scheduled panel/roundtable. Participants can then join in the live Q&A during their panel/roundtable. We will provide more instructions and training on the logistics of the sessions sometime in early fall. 

What are the registration fees for the virtual convention? 

Registration information for the virtual covention can be found here. The registration fees are 50% of the in-person convention rates. While the virtual convention expenses are somewhat less than for an in-person convention, we expect to incur significant expenses for the virtual convention platform with a trained technology team to set up and monitor the sessions during the convention. Your registration will help us to cover some of those expenses. 

What if I already paid my registration fee?

If you already registered for the Convention, you will receive an email from our Membership Coordinator to discuss your options once the new registration rates are announced. You can also contact the Membership Coordinator at

Is my membership refundable?

Membership payments are not refundable as the year-round benefits of your ASEEES membership are not limited to the convention. As always, presenters, chairs, and discussants must be members in order to participate. Please review the membership rules for participation. If you have not renewed for 2020, we ask that you renew your membership today.  

Should I cancel my hotel reservation? 

The Washington Wardman Park should have cancelled your reservation if you used the ASEEES block, but please doublecheck the cancellation.  

How will you handle different time zones with a virtual convention? 

The Convention will be held on Eastern Standard Time (EST). Multiple time-zone issues will be managed as follows:

1) As a presenter, you will have the ability to pre-record your presentation if it is scheduled at a difficult time for you to present in-person.

2) Panels and roundtables will be recorded and can be watched at a later time, which will allow those in other time zones to “catch up” with what they missed. Panels and roundtables will have the option of turning off the record option.

3) The schedule will provide the option of seeing the sessions in your designated time zone as well as the EST time.

How will this affect my travel grant? 

Unfortunately, all travel grants to the 2020 ASEEES Convention will be rescinded as the event is no longer taking place on location. However, recipients of travel grants will have their registration fees waived. If you have any further questions, please contact Trevor Erlacher at

Will there still be an Exhibit Hall? 

Yes, we will be featuring exhibitors on the ASEEES website. Members will be able to meet with publishers in the virtual format. This will allow for more exhibitor participation as travel and lodging will not be a consideration.  Revised exhibitor, advertising and sponsorship opportunities will be available soon. Immediate questions can be addressed to Margaret Manges at

Will affiliate groups still be able to host their meetings?

Yes, affiliate groups will still have access to a virtual format meeting room.

Will the film screenings still go on?

Yes, the film screenings will be shown throughout the convention.   

What about networking possibilities?

We know that everyone looks forward to the convention to meet friends, talk with editors, and/or make new connections. ASEEES is working on ways within the virtual convention to allow more casual, unstructured gatherings. We’re open to hear your suggestions and experiences.

Can I keep the free registration in lieu of a travel grant if I change panels or if I nee change the paper slightly?

Yes, as a travel grant recipient, you will still be eligible for complimentary registration even if your paper or panel need to change. 

If I'm the only one on my roundtable or panel who decides to participate virtually, do I respond yes to the survey? 

That's correct.  

Will the process to merge panels and match up stray panelists and papers be organized by ASEEES or self-direction? 

Both – if you have a panel that you can join, let us know asap and we will make the change for you. Otherwise we will organize the merge internally once we see where panels can work together. But we will confirm with participants prior to making any changes.

How can I help make this a successful convention?

Your patience, support and good humor will go a long way to help the staff and other participants succeed during this new challenge.