2021 Virtual Convention Session Instructions

Only registered individuals will be able to access the Virtual Convention sessions (the "Join Session" link will only appear on the day of the session). Late registration is now open. You must register by November 30. Staff will not be able to register you and provide immediate access during the convention.  

LOG IN BEFORE December 1 to test your access using the same username and password as your ASEEES member site login. Your username is your primary email address we have in our member database. ASEEES staff will not be able to provide temporary passwords in real time during the event. If you are having problems logging in, please submit the problem on this problem report form, and the ASEEES staff will respond expeditiously. 

Convention Site Login

Once logged in, you can browse the online program by using the Browse/Search features on the left of your screen, or the search bar at the top for any keyword or participant names. The program schedule is in Central Standard Time, but you can change the preferred time zone to wherever you are. When you first log in, it will prompt you to select. After that, you can change it again by click on the highlighted button in the Navigation Menu.


We suggest that you create a personal schedule for ease of use. See below for more information on creating a personal schedule. During the convention, you will be able to freely move about between sessions by leaving one Zoom session, going back to the program and joining another session. (Also, while virtual convention platform will provide the most up-to-date information, we have provided a pdf of the virtual program, which can be found here. Please note that it was created on Nov 29 and will not be updated.)

All Zoom links are embedded on the convention site and cannot be shared or sent out to participants separately. On the day of the session, "Join Zoom Meeting" button will appear on the session page. 

In the program, find a session you want to join. ON THE DAY OF THE SESSION (and not before), a "JOIN ZOOM MEETING" button will appear on the session page. In the example below, the "JOIN ZOOM MEETING" button will appear in the highlighted area on the day of the session, under Online Resources.


Click on the "Join" button no earlier than 10 minutes befroe the start time, and you will be taken to Zoom session. If the session hasn't started yet, you will be placed in the waiting room. If the session is already under way, you will be placed directly into the Zoom session. As an attendee, you will be muted. 

If you try to join too early, you will get this warning message on top of the screen.


Troubleshoot Tip: If you don't see the "Join" button on the day of the session, refresh the page and it should appear. Or click on "Main Menu" under the Navigation Menu to refresh the whole site. Or switch browsers - old Safari browser especially do not seem to work well.

You can freely move about between sessions. Just leave the Zoom session, go back to convention program, and click "Join Zoom Meeting" for another session of your interest.

A Personal Schedule feature will allow you to create a list of all the sessions you are interested in attending with the "Join Zoom Meeting" links all in one place. If you're a participant in a session, that session will automatically be included in your personal schedule. To add a session to your personal schedule, locate the session in the online program; click on the calendar icon to the left of the session details to add it to your personal schedule.

After you have added sessions to your personal schedule, on your home screen, you will see an option on the left navigation bar for "Personal Schedule." When you click on it, you will be taken to your personal schedule page. Click on the tab at the top for "Zoom Sessions in Your Personal Schedule." The "Join Zoom Meeting" links will appear 10 minutes before the scheduled start time where it now says "This Zoom session has not begun yet." You can save as many sessions you like in a scheduled time slot. For example, you see below that there are 3 sessions from the 8am CST time slot in this sample personal schedule. 

There are 3 ways to reach us for help during the Virtual Convention:

Submit problem report form

Zoom Lounge and Help Center staffed by ASEEES staff will be available during the sessions to answer any questions, troubleshoot problems, and provide space for attendees to meet and have conversations.  

Email us at aseees@pitt.edu

Find your session in the Online Program or in your Personal Schedule. The designated Session Manager (Zoom host), and only the Session Manager, will start the Zoom meeting 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. As chair, presenter, or discussant, you should join a session 10 minutes before its start time by selecting “Join Zoom Meeting.” 

While the audience is in the waiting room, the Session Manager (Zoom host) will:

  • Let you into the Zoom room and make you a co-host, which allows you to share your screen and be able to mute/unmute yourself;

  • Make sure your cameras and audio are working;

  • Confirm that you can find the “share my screen” button and have your powerpoint or other presentation materials ready;

  • Remind you to close email, Teams etc;

  • Remind you NOT to hit the record button;

  • Confirm that you want to be recorded and ask you if you would like to opt out;

  • Decide whether Chair or Discussant will moderate the chat Q&A.

Therefore, while it is essential for Session Managers to be well prepared to host the session, we recommend that all presenters, chairs, and discussants also know how the hosting function works

by watching the Zoom Host tutorial video;
and review our thorough step-by-step process ASEEES Session Manager (Zoom host) Check List / Guide for Session Manager PPT.

Screen Sharing

If you have a power point or other media you are showing for your presentation, click “Share Screen” in the Zoom control panel at the bottom of the screen and select which screen or window you would like to share.

  • If you are showing a video or audio, make sure you click “Share Computer Sound.”

  • DO NOT click “Optimize full screen video clip” as it compromises the quality of the video.

Chair or Discussant Should Read the Questions in Chat

Chair or discussant should take on the responsibility of reading the questions and comments in the chat. Note: Many session managers are volunteers (undergrads, ASEEES staff, virtual convention platform staff) and/or are serving as session managers on panels/roundtables outside their areas of expertise. In these cases, session managers should not be asked to manage the Q&A.

Instructions on No Shows

While we have asked all participants to confirm participation and register, if a panel participant does not show, we recommend proceeding forward as best as possible. 

The Session Will Automatically End on Schedule

Because of technical issues with Zoom licenses and hosting, the SESSION WILL AUTOMATICALLY END AT THE SCHEDULED END TIME. You can continue your conversation in the Zoom Lounge/Help Center or create your own Zoom session to share with those attending to continue to conversation elsewhere.

  • ASEEES’s default policy is to record all sessions. (The Session Manager must start recording the session). However, if you do not wish to have your session recorded, please tell the Session Manager while in the waiting room/before the session begins. 

  • If a presenter requests not to be recorded, the Session Manager can pause the recording while the presenter reads their paper and restart recording after their presentation. 

  • We cannot edit recordings. If a session participant asks us to take down their recorded presentation, we will take the entire session down. 

  • All recorded sessions will be uploaded onto the convention site as soon as they become available from Zoom and will be available for viewing by the 2021 convention registrants until January 3, 2022.

  • The recording link is available on each Session Page.

We recommend that you schedule a practice for your session with your own Zoom account prior to the convention. We have scheduled two open Zoom rehearsals for speakers who would like to practice their presentations or ask any questions: Tuesday, November 30, at 9:00- 11:00 AM CST and 1:00-3:00 PM CST. These practice sessions can be found in the Convention program.

Please DO NOT reach out to the assigned Session Manager to help with any preparatory meetings. They are volunteers and were asked to only help out during the Convention. 

There will be a Session Manager available to help with basic technical issues. Here's what else you can expect:

  • You can join a session after a session manager has started the session, no earlier than 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. 

  • During the session you will be muted by default.

  • You can ask questions in chat.

  • If the audience size is small, the chair or the session manager may allow the audience to unmute and speak.

  • The sessions will end promptly on schedule.

Country Restrictions to Zoom: If you are joining the convention from certain countries that restrict access to Zoom, you may need to use VPN.

Android Devices: Apparently Zoom doesn't work well on some Android devices. We suggest that you do not use an Android device; if you must, please have the latest version of Zoom on your device.

The ASEEES Convention is convened for the purposes of professional development and scholarly and educational interchange in the spirit of free inquiry and free expression. 

  • Please be kind, respectful, and professional as we support and discuss our colleagues’ work.

  • If you encounter inappropriate behavior: please contact the session Chair via private chat.

  • The Chair may contact the participant who has spoken out of turn to ask them to rephrase their comment or reconsider their tone.

  • If a direct message does not solve the problem, the chair may warn the participant that the participant will be muted/removed.

  • If the Chair believes the reported behavior is so inappropriate that it requires immediate action, the chair may remove the participant displaying unprofessional behavior without first issuing a warning.

  • ASEEES is providing a trained ombuds during and for a short duration after the convention. The ombuds is available for free, and provides confidential consultation and advising about reporting a violation. The ombuds can be reached at aseeesombuds@gmail.com

For registration, membership, and login questions, contact aseees@pitt.edu
For other convention questions, contact aseeescn@pitt.edu