Mailing List Rental

The ASEEES offers mailing labels for rental with our members' addresses, under the conditions described below.

The ASEEES ordinarily provides addresses in electronic form, in an Excel file for one-time use. Upon request, we can provide addresses on peel-and-stick Avery labels. Please inquire for more information about this possibility.

Please note that our members have the option of being excluded from the list that the ASEEES makes available to advertisers. This limits the addresses that the ASEEES can provide as part of its mailing list.

Acceptance of your order is subject to ASEEES review of the material to be mailed; please forward a copy of your materials with your order. ASEEES reserves the right to reject the request.

Our name is not to be used on your mailings, nor should ASEEES members be addressed as such in your materials.

With any questions please contact the ASEEES Membership Coordinator at

Approximate counts indicated below reflect our records as of August 1, 2013. Advance payment is required.

  • Active individual membership roster (~1900 addresses in the US; ~400 addresses in 40 foreign countries) - $325
  • Slavic Review non-member subscribers (mostly libraries) in the United States (~500 addresses) - $100
  • Slavic Review non-member subscribers (mostly libraries) outside the United States (~200 addresses) - $55
  • Custom List - $50 plus $0.20 per label. Searchable criteria are listed below. For the list of options available for each of these categories, please see the second page of our membership form¬†(PDF).
    • Regions of Interest
    • Positions
    • Periods of Interest
    • Specializations
    • Countries of Interest
    • Proficient Languages

Please note that only postal addresses may be rented; ASEEES does not provide e-mail addresses or phone numbers.