Western Association for Slavic Studies

The Western Association of Slavic Studies (formerly the Rocky Mountain Association for Slavic Studies) is a regional affiliate of ASEEES concentrated in the western part of the United States and Canada. The organization comprises scholars in multiple disciplines who are interested in the disciplines of humanities, arts, and social sciences as they relate to Russia, the former Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. Scholars from all parts of the United States and Canada are welcome at its annual meetings which are held in conjunction with the Western Social Science Assocation of which WASS is an affiliated member. The WASS promotes both single discipline and interdisciplinary studies at these annual meetings providing for lively and exciting discussions between scholars and policy-makers. The Western Association for Slavic Studies also acts as the regional host when ASEEES meets on the West Coast. At its annual meetings a $100 prize is awarded to the best graduate student paper presented.

Primary Contact: Evguenia Davidova, President 


Board of Directors President (2015-2016): Evguenia Davidova, Portland State University, evguenia@pdx.edu
Program Coordinator and Secretary-Treasurer (2015-2016): Robert Niebuhr, Arizona State University, Robert.Niebuhr@asu.edu
Executive Council:
Mark A. Cichock, University of Texas at Arlington Peter Mentzel, The Liberty Fund
Nick Miller, Boise State University
Lynn Lubamersky, Boise State University
Evguenia Davidova, Portland State University
Conference Info:
The Western Association for Slavic Studies (WASS) conference will be held, jointly with the Western Social Science Association, April 12-15, 2017, San Francisco, CA. For more info, see the conference website or contact Robert Niebuhr (robert.niebuhr@asu.edu).
$15 per year, $7 for graduate or undergraduate students.